Own creations

I love to create and share stories.

From the main expression and work field of dance and movement, I wish through my creations to give the audience new thoughts and feelings. I wish to make a positive impact on the viewer and spark their curiosity and reflections.

A goal of mine is to make expressive, creative, and interesting performative experiences for everyone watching and involved.


Work Reels

*Showreel of own creations  2021-2022,  will come summer 2023

Interested in working together?

Selected creations & projects

Duration:  5 - 15 min

Further thoughts on my creating:

Together with my passion for moving and dancing, I do have a big heart for creating. My path as a dancer and creator.where I perform my own creations, has been closely intertwined ever since my bachelor.

Creating my own work and performing it, alone or with others, fuels my journey with growth, interest, and happiness for dance and movement.

I have many choreographies ready to be performed or transformed for more dancers, as well as several works in progress that I would love to develop further and collaborate on.

I’m happy to perform for you, collaborate on something, or choreograph for your group. Feel free to contact me for that or any other questions.