Røtter – A Viking Thematic Solo

2024 –  Creating and developing (feb/march). Performing (link)  version four at Stiklestad Nasjonale Kulturssenter, april, Verdal. (15-20 min)

2023 – Going into the depth of a third scene: A physical theater /monologue and a song comes into the solo. text-research

2022 – Developed a new scene with a tablet-woven band. Performed in april at ” Veikryss”. Verdal. (9 min)

2021-  Developed further the choreographic part, adding a Viking Sword to it. Performed in august at “19-21 i bevegelse” . Verdal. (6 min)

2019 – Developed some choreo, testing out the idea. Performed in march in York (Jorvik), England and in june Malmø, Sweden. Pre-project (3 min)

Financial Support during different part of the processes: Tindved Kulturhage, Follow the Vikings Project, Norsk Skuespillersenter, Innherred Næringsfond, Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter, Verdal Kulturskole(reharsal space)

Through the smoke and heavy beats emerges a female Viking figure.

This solo wish trough dance, a monologue, music, singing and props share some interesting sides and facts about the Vikings with you. Let us together remember some about the mystic that was our Nordic ancestor, our roots “røtter”.


Then there is a heavier undertone to the creation. The solo carries a message about our responsibility towards our heritage and the environment. The song’s lyrics, “Don’t take more than you can carry,” remind us to be mindful of what we leave for future generations.

In today’s world, many often use and discard things, humans and content quickly instead of valuing quality and durability. The performance encourages us to think about sustainability and the importance of craftsmanship. It’s a reminder to take care of our resources and appreciate the value of well-made things. 

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Trailer (2024)


When they come for me

Moss Dancing

Follow the Vikings




I am developing a new scene. This monolouge will be presenteded in the solo as a recording, with physicallity on it. A song in old norse will also be added.  Test performing at SNK Stiklestad, Verdal april 24.

Tekstbistand: Thula Thordardottir, Astrid Hansen Juvik og Mathias Melsæter Brækkefjord.  

Sangbistand: Thale Jørstad 


For a new presentation of the solo, I developed a new part with a “brikkebånd”/ tablet woven band that I got as a gift from the FTV project. The Vikings used it to decorate themselves. I wore it at previous showing and now I got an opportunity to create something with it. Then I was allowed to use music from a danish viking band, Danheim for this new scene.  I performed this new 9 min version in April at my show Veikryss. 

Thank you to: Innherred Næringsfond for some founding to continue working on this creating. Also thanks FTV for the “brikkebånd”.


Two years later I created a new part with a viking sword I had bought. Now I used the whole track, and listened closer to the lyrics and found the thematic and energy of the work. I created new material while holding on to a few parts from the precious viewing in York. Then performed a 6 min version of Røtter at “19-21 in bevegelse”

Thank you to : Łukasz Czajkowski from FTV project for getting me the sword


I chose the music because I had used a song by the same band for “the Raven solo” in the FTV show. That song became special to the crew during our 2-3 year journey. Inspired by this connection, I asked the band if I could use another of their songs for a new solo, and they said yes.  Then I embarked on a new creative journey with Wardrunas music and figuring out the movement language  for the new solo.  


This creation began as a solo performance comprised of three different ideas, performed during “the end of project dinner” in York for the Follow the Vikings Project. The taks was ” crafting something new with a Viking theme”.  I then experimented with various directions and merged them into one piece. The audience, which included many Viking museum representatives from across Europe, particularly enjoyed the segment featuring raw contemporary dance paired with the heavy music of traditional Norwegian music by the band Wardruna. Encouraged by their positive feedback, I decided to further develop this particular part of the performance.

Thank you: Feedback from the audience in York that made the direction for this piece. FTV project for asking for a new creation for me at the Project end-dinner.  Wadruna for letting me use you music.

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