Røtter – A Viking Thematic Solo

2019 – Developed some choreo. First performance in York (Jorvik), England

2021-  Developed a part with a Viking Sword, performed at “19-21 i bevegelse” . Verdal.

2022 – Developed a part with a tablet-woven band, peformed at ” Veikryss”. Verdal.

2023 – A monolgue and a song comes into the solo.


Through the smoke and heavy beats emerges a solo.  With  the help of dance, monologue, singing and viking props this creation has the goal to share some interesting sides and facts about the vikings to you, and in this way remember some about the mystic that was our nordic ancestor, our roots “røtter”.


Then there is a heavier undertone to the creation. Shown more thought the monologe, I make you go to battle with me. That we all have a responsibility for the heritage,  and nature we are given, that we must take care for the next generations. Don’t take more than you can carry” says the lyrics in the end song,  and this is also how I feel about how we use, take and demolish our nature resources these days and pay less attentions to jobs that work with handicrafts and more to IT and academica. 

Some clips of the solo, presentation April 22


This solo startet as a solo of three different parts and ideas.  The occasion was  “the end of project dinner” in York, for the Follow the Vikings Project. It was asked of me to create something new that was not in the show, with a Viking thematic. A lot of the audience  where different viking museums from all over Europe. After the viewing I asked which part liked the best?  The heavy one with contemporary dance and the Norwegian traditional music band Wadruna was the one the audience liked the most.

That choice came from doing a solo in the FTV show with music from the same band,. That song for my solo in the show became something special for the whole crew. So, I asked the band if I could use another song from them for this new solo , got permission, and so a new solo journey began.

AUGUST 21:  A sword
Two years later I created a new part with a viking sword I have bought, Now using the whole track. I also listened closer to the lyrics and finding the thematic and energy of the work. I created new material wile holding on to a few parts from the precious show. Then performed it at “19-21 in bevegelse”

SPRING 22:  Tablet- woven band
I developed a new part with a “brikkebånd” that I got from the FTV project. The Vikings used it to decorate themselves. I got music from a danish viking band Danheim. This work and development was founded by Næringsfond Verdal. Then I performed this new  longer solo in April 22 at Veikryss.

SPRING 23 – Monolouge and a song.
I am developing this scene between the dance scenes. 

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