Lets get through this

Song: Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

Filming video: Rune Aaasen

Concept, choreo, filmediting and dancing: Ann Kathrin Granhus

Creation time of choreo and film: April 2020

Live Version danced with: Maria Risto Kippe and Eiring Rogdaberg Skimmeli, Verdal. under the performance “veikryss”.

The plan was to create and share something uplifting inside the pandemic madness. This creation is both a live choreography and a video. 


We were going to film the choreography outside. I had one day in easter it could work for me, the weather, and the person filming, but life strikes again. When the day came it had fallen a lot of snow during the night. There was none of that the day before, and the weather forecast said rain for the next 7 days after this. This was the only day with the sun. After a lot of forward and back, we said, OK let’s just do it, and we had wind and snow. A lot of it.. A challenging combo to dance in . See also my choreography The Upside. I realized I could not go for the original plan. Which was to film the whole choreography from start to end to the music. That was now not possible.

Even this project became a covid situation, the weather making us change plans and giving us new challenges. The end creation became and edited exploration around the choreography. Doing some of the material and mixed it up with improvisation.

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The filming outside


April 2022 I learned Eirin and Maria the full choreography. For our performance Veikryss. As the end number of the show. We adapted and developed the choreo for three people. It felt nice to see this creation get a moment to shine on a stage.

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