The git up & Toilet paper challenge

Concepts, and ideas:
Ann Kathrin Granhus

Filming and Photos: Rune Aasen

Country music, toilet paper and dance. All combined into one artistic expression. Yee Ha!

This creation came from two different challenges, that I combined into one product:

1 . The toilet paper challenge that traveled over the world during spring 2020 as a humoristc gimick on the toilet paper hoarding that happend,  and
2. The Git Up challenge, a country line dance challenge.


Was a dance-a-long contribue from me, to all the people out there isolated at home spring 2020. There is a “how to do this” video as well. I filmed the choreography on location in april.

This is now my most viewed video on Youtube.

Play Video


I created a solo number (6 min) and performed it during my performance “19-21 i bevegelse”  in august 21 in Verdal. In this version I changed up the choreography, speeded up the music, adding more toilet paper dance improvisation and in general created something more out of the ideas.


This creation can easily be adjusted and changed up for a group. I have among things created plans for how to develop this with more improvisation and transportation version outside (10min). This is an easy and fun choreo many can learn.

Interested in this project?

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