Mermaiding is a way of swimming. Also called dolphin kick, since it resembles the way dolphins swim and the use of a monofin like the dolphins up and down, vs fish that have their fluke vertical and swim from side to side.

In this way of swimming you dress up with a mermaid costume, often made by neopren that is the same as divers use, and we work on different ways of swimming and moving under water.

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What I like about this hobby:

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For me mermaiding combines creativity, movement, expression, aesthetics and socializing in a fun new way.As a dance-artist it also gets me to the swimming pool way more often than normal swimming ever did. Make it a good cross training for my job.

The merfolk community is also body positive and inclusive to all kinds of people. People can express their personality and creativity in a new way, and I see it makes them calm and happy, which I really appriciate.

Mermaiding in genereal I find is a great way to just relax and take a break from the world around you.

What I have done since started:

I started in January 2019 with a costume made tail, by the Norwegian tail maker, Viking Mermaid:


  • Arranged Norway's first mermaid gathering and weekend in my hometown in June 21. Mermaids from different parts of the country gathered for a weekend full of swimming, inside and outside, socializing and networking.
  • Joined gatherings in Oslo. Norways capital.
  • Done four professional photoshoots.
  • Joined a commercial for a show at Trøndelag Teater Havfruen - Trøndelag Teater (
  • Got more tails and learned about different monofins and fabrics.
  • Did an interview with the Norwegian newspaper Trønder Avisa. (on the top)
  • Swimming more in both ocean, lakes, river and swimming pools.
  • Practicing skills, tricks and swimming methods.
  • Working as an admin for Norway’s Merfolk group on Facebook. Norways Merpod | Facebook

If you are in Norway and feel interested in joining this hobby, feel free to check out the group :)


Further on:

Through talking to people in the swimming halls, my Instagram Videos, interviews and the comment sections, I see there is a huge interest in this hobby and that many people of all ages would like to join.

As a dancer I think this hobby can be a lovely way for more people to get in touch with their creativity and learn how to move their bodies in fun, new ways.

  • I see opportunities to share my knowledge and  facilitate both events with professional mermaids and classes for the enjoyment of both kids and adults.
  • I also have an idea for a show in a couple of years with other local mermaids from Verdal and a local singer. 

Rent a mermaid!

You can now rent a mermaid to your gathering, swimming pool, birtday, comercial and more. I can also get you in contact with other mermaids across the country.