Mermaiding is a way of swimming. Also called dolphin kick, since it resembles the way dolphins swim and the use of a monofin like the dolphins up and down, vs fish that have their fluke vertical and swim from side to side.

In this way of swimming you dress up with a mermaid costume, often made by neopren that is the same as divers use, and we work on different ways of swimming and moving under water.

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What I like about this hobby:

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For me mermaiding combines creativity, movement, expression, aesthetics and socializing in a fun new way.As a dance-artist it also gets me to the swimming pool way more often than normal swimming ever did. Make it a good cross training for my job.

The merfolk community is also body positiveand inclusive place to be. People can express their personality and creativity in a new way, and I see it makes them calm and happy, which I really appreciate.

Mermaiding I find in general a great way to just relax and take a break from the world around you.

I started in January 2019 with a costume made tail, by the Norwegian tail maker:

Since then I have:


Mermaid Weekend #2(Nov 23.) In my hometown Verdal. A weekend with grilling at Havfrua beach, watching a movie (The little Mermaid 2023), long swimming sessions and good talks.

Mermaid weekend #1(June 21) in my hometown Verdal. Maybe norways first offical gathering of this kind? Mermaids from different parts of the country gathered for a weekend full of swimming, inside and outside, socializing and networking.


The Little Mermaid (May 23)  Together with child liberian, cosplayer and fellow mermaid Karen Birgitte, we did in our hometown, Verdal, in collab with the cinema a gigg. In connection to Disney's live version premiere of “the little mermaid”. We were dressing up as mermaids and taking pictures, telling a new mermaid story, draw water creatures with the kids and danced & moved with them.

Trøndelag Teater Commercial (june 22) Joined a commercial for a show at Trøndelag Teater "Havfruen": see some here: Music videos and commercials


  • Joined gatherings in Oslo, Norways capital, eks:
  • Done four photoshoots.
  • Got several tails and learned about different monofins and fabrics.
  • Interview with the Norwegian newspaper Trønder Avisa. (article on top)
  • Swimming in both ocean, lakes, river and swimming pools.
  • Working as a bading guard at Verdal Svimminghall from jan 2023
  • Practicing skills, tricks and swimming methods.
  • Working as an admin for Norway’s Merfolk group on Facebook. Norways Merpod | Facebook

If you live in Norway and feel interested in joining this creative world of esetique and movement, feel free to check out the group :)

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Further on:

Through talking to people in the swimming halls, my Instagram Videos, interviews and the comment sections, I see there is a huge interest in this hobby and that many people of all ages would like to join.

As a dancer I think this hobby can be a lovely way for more people to get in touch with their creativity and learn how to move their bodies in fun, new ways.

I see opportunities to share my knowledge and  facilitate both events with professional mermaids and classes for the enjoyment of both kids and adults.

I am planning on creating a show in a couple of years with other local mermaids from Verdal and a local singer.


Rent a mermaid!

You can now rent a mermaid to your gathering, swimming pool, birtday, comercial and more. I can also get you in contact with other mermaids across the country.