During my Bachelor & MTD Legacy in 2022

For my own explorations during school years, I received during our graduation ceremony  in 2015 an award for “Best Solo Research and Commitment” .


During my contemporary dance Bachelor at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, The Netherlands, I felt I got many skills and tools to be get creative. We also got strong moment language from our teachers, but when we worked with choreographers I experienced not getting challenged that much. It could be what the choreographer wanted to work on, or that we were many dancers, or  that some were better than others to sell themselves towards the choreographers. To get more work. I was thinking democracy and had no clue the “get work game” had already started. It was a learning process.


From the second year at school, I then also started going into the studio by myself in the weekends. I asked myself questions. If I for the first time really think for myself, what can I do? what do I like?  what feels nice and looks good for my body? What can I create? . and so, I started exploring some own ideas, often choreographic sett material. I loved becoming a dancer for others, but something in me also wanted to create own stuff and perform it.

In retrospect many of my first creations, and choreographic choices was nonsense and shows the lack of understanding of setting phrases. Music helped me getting some structure, and my creations started slowly take form.

This exploration and my internship with Don.Gnu really helped me being able to offer a lot of ideas for the choreographer of our MTD4 graduation Piece. This knowledge also became useful in the professional working field. Where I often have had to create material and make choreographies for others too while dancing it myself.

Second year: Showing of one of the first solos I ever created outside of school curriculum



Angry Beehive &
Behind the locked door
Sett ideas and scenes I made. That did not make it to the end piece for MTD4

Group piece for MTD3
an work in progress, 10 min on other class mates.
Presented at: At the show “Meetingpoints” . Made by the class in a teater outside the school. My ideas and choreographic material. To be continued.

Three smaller  solos.
1.A duet for the black Crow and the untamed Sheep 
2.Silent storm
3.In the search for Bliss.

Presented at an open stage I arranged for students.

Voice and Movement solo version 1.
 Presented for the whole MTD department and teachers.

The Parting Glass,
soundscape and acapella voices. Ideas and sound-editing by me. Presented to the class.

XX Intro, my first ever floor choreography

Wildfire, Shakira. Dancing while foot is ready or operation.

Distress &
Don let me be Lonely
Choreographies show on an open stage made by students. My first choreographies presented outside of a school curriculum!

Sensations before the……
performed: The first years MTD1 solos

A small part of choreogprahy form MTD3 piece I created on fellow students,

One of 3 solo researches I show at a showing I arranged at school



After 33 years  of educating dancer, The MTD education was now ending. It was going to  fusion with another education.

June-July 2022  there was a one-week festival of workshop, performances of earlier students, watching the end show of the last MTD Group(!),  discussions and meeting classmates and teachers after 6 years.

It was a wonderful week of nostalgia. Going back that memory lane, laughter, thoughts and memories. It felt like I again was studying in Amsterdam for a week and meeting many of my class mates. Thank you so much everyone for this wonderful memory !:)
(and FFUK for financial support for the trip!)

June 2022 I came back to Amsterdam for the MTD Legacy Festival ( end of education) I went back into the studios I have used to many hours in, and just danced <3

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