What I can offer:

All classes can be given regulary or as a workshop.

Higher level and professionals

• Contemporary technique Class
• Floorwork focused class
• Improvisation Class
• Artistic Sharing

Kids, teenagers and new beginners

• Contemporary
• Jazz
• Ballet for smal kids
• Ballet
• Creative dancegames  for kids
• Choreography
• Improvisation
• Fusion


• Technique
• Choreography
• Improvisation
• Artistic Sharing

comming 2023:

• Dancer in dance photos

Teaching is a never ending discovery, and I am working to give the students the best possible classes for their age, interest, and mental/physical level. I try to acknowledging that we are all different and trying to adapt accordingly by using different teaching methods and exercises. At the same time I strive for efficiency and clear class structure. Here I feel my PPU education has helped me.

I wish to think of dance training as something holistically: a physically, technically, mentally and creatively development training. In that way I also help my students to become healthier, stronger, and more aware and reflective as dancers but also humans.

I want my classes to be challenging and interesting, but another aspect that’s important to me is “danseglede”; the joy of dance. For why else do we do it ? and just rom for play. Facilitating joy for dance and movement is then a good key towards a better work environment and development I also find.

As a proffesional dance artist who perform my own creations, I experience my training has big influence on my movement language and what I create, and so everything is connected. 

Varied classes

Broad range of exerience

Adapting to the students

Teaching and choreographing experience on kids and youth:

2017 - 2019:
Sandnes Kulturskole
2017 - 2019:
Follow the Vikings Roadshow
2017 - 2018:
Stavanger Kulturskole

2018- 2019
Sola Kulturskole
2019 - 2020:

Substituting at Stjørdal Kulturskole
2020 - 2021:
Inderøy kulturskole
2020 - 2021:
Steinkjer Kulturskole


thoughts and info around my teaching

Class and movement reel higher level:

My own training and teaching it to others

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