Collision Mission

Dancers and Creators: Brianna Ashley Stuart and Ann Kathrin Røsvik Granhus.

Briana Stuart is an American performing artist, currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

Pre-project week:  7 days, Sandnes, Norway

  5 min

A creation of two artist from two different continents that meet and dance togheter for the first time. Different training and histories, yet, so similar. 


We are both very musical and form based. In this week we worked on rythm, dynamic, collaboration, weight use, listening and sensing, breathing. As well as saying yes to all the ideas that came , build on and going for them.


We met in one of my first freelance years. When I had Amsterdam as my base. We had thought a drag towards creating together, but no time. Then I moved to Norway, Years later in spring 2019, we found time to collaborate. The choice fell on her comming to my town: Sandnes. This week was a little pre-project to see how we would work together. Especially considering that we  come from: Different continents and have different training and schools. What we saw is that somehow we a lot of surprising similarities in our movement!  Briana  learned my material very easily and our movement looked  similar, This exchange where fruitful. I also got to try her style called “stepping”.

Play Video

1 min clip from the pre-project


This creation is a audiovisual experience for the joy of the relations between dance and music. Here are some more works with the same strong movement/music creation focus: When they come for me The Upside   ,  Intro and Get Ready for the Rain


We would love to meet in Brussel or Norway again,  to finish this work by creating a video on location. We need then some founding for continuing developing the project or a residency. I have tried to get founding for a dance video several times 2019-2022, but failed. Then a lot of other projects has take mine and her focus, but I loved what we created in short time. Ideas for the future is then a resideny with another showing. If this will not happen, I consider give the choreo and ideas to some talentprogram,  or:

MATERIAL ( working tittle).

Another idea is to put this work and material into to the pot for a new professional production I have started droodling out: “Material”:

As you can see from my webpage, I have a big interest in developing a movement language and style. I have been really nerding setting contemporary dance material and choreography for years: working on making it look interesting, aesthetically appealing, with a high technique level. I love to test myself in different directions.  This focus is also me trying to remember that dance is a craftsmanship, with its own parameters and that has a value. Dance is not an academic og theoretical/writing job firsthand, which I experience a lot of the time as a dance artist.

The result of this physial work, is that I have A LOT of set material in my “bank”.

I also sometimes miss high quality technical choreography in the contemporary dance performances I see from Norway, and wonder sometimes where that focus went? A lot becomes “performance” in my eyes. A (nice) porrige where other elements might just as well be in forhand.

Last thing I miss a lot of great female dancers I know on stage, and their skills and capacity being used. Years of training I know they have and I wish to see it!.. and with all this, a bigger idea emerges…I hope to create that piece that I am missing to see. I have gotten a lot of good feedback on my material and style through the years in other creations of mine “ so nice material and choices”.

The ideas are plenty and the material? is allready there. Ready to be developed to a piece with more dancers.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in this project, feel free to contact me.