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Ann Kathrin Røsvik Granhus

is a Norwegian dance artist.

I am from and currently based in Verdal North in Trøndelag, Norway. I have a BA in contemporary dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts, and PPU (practical pedagogical education) from The University of Stavanger, Norway. I have been a freelancer since 2014, working both internationally, nationally, and regionally.

As a performer for others I have so far toured internationally with Don.Gnu Physical Theater - N.A.R.G (DK) and Follow the Vikings Project (GB). In Norway I have worked for Yggdrasil Theater, and Vasen Vasiliev/DansiT. As a pedagogue I have taught all ages from 5 to 15 in different styles and levels in culture/evening schools in Rogaland and Trøndelag Norway.

As a dancer I am active with my own creation and performing them ever since my BA. I have shown my creations at open stages in different regions of Norway. In 21 and 22 I created two full length productions with own creations in my hometown, Verdal, Trøndelag.

Then I am active with film and photo, and have more than 40 photoshoots behind me. I edits all my videos myself.

My perforing, creating and teaching sides of my artistery fuels and strengthens eachother. I see myself as creative soul with many plans and ideas. Always looking for ways to learn develop and share my passion for the art of dance and movement.

In depth info:

Education and teaching:

Ann Kathrins training background comes from various contemporary dance techniques and improvisation training, physical theater, as well as some ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. Broad, yet focused.

In 2015 she graduated with a bachelor in contemporary dance from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. (Modern Teater Dance Department, MTD). The Bachelor was in 4 years. Last year was an internship year, where she was out in the working field in different projects. Making her a freelancer since 2014.

In 2017 she added teaching and leading others to her skills through PPU from the University of Stavanger in Norway. Since then, she has also taught and choreographed for kids and youth in different styles and levels.


In others productions and creations

As a dancer, performer and/or actor

  • 2022 & 2021

    Yggdrasil Teater (NO) - Legenden om Aretha fra Skierde. 8 shows in 2021, 5 shows in 2022, Stjørdal.

    See project
  • 2022

    Yasen Vasielev. (GE).  Impossible Actions. 2 shows at Rosendal Teater, Trondheim

    See project
  • 2019 - 2017

    Follow the Vikings Project (GB) with 20 shows in 11 viking places in Europe

    See project
  • 2015- 2016

    Don.Gnu Physical Theater and Film (DK) N.A.R.G (North Area Rumble Game).
    ca 50 shows in 10 countries in Europe and Scandinavia

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  • 2015

    Mute Comp - Project X (DK),  in Graduation/Internship Year, Copenhagen. 

  • 2015

    Jos Baker - What do you do? Graduation Piece BA Modern Theater Dance. 5 Performances in Amsterdam.

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Photo and video work:

Ann Kathrin has collaborated on more than 40 photoshoots since 2012. She is an active initiator and with the artistic choices of the processes. Photoshoots Page

She also creates dance films and is active with developing her editing skills. Among this she created 4 pandemic related dance videos in 20-22 . She  also edits all her own work reels.  Edited Concepts - Youtube

Own creations:

AK has been active with creating and performing in her own work since her BA:

  • 2022-2023

    Knuter  - a dance theater solo

    See project
  • 2022-2023

    E du med mæ?  a contactimprovisation and partnering duet 

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  • To date:

    30+ choreographies. 1-5min. For use in classes, solos or group pieces. See overview class choreographies: 

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  • 2022

    Veikryss, Verdal. April. Showcase of own creations with two other local dancers. 2 shows

    See project
  • 2021

    19-21 i bevegelse . Verdal, August.
    Showcase of own creations last pandemic work years. 2 shows. 

    See project
  • 2017- 2019

    Performed own work at open stages in Rogaland. Solos and with others. 5 to 20 min. Total of 8 different creations. Example "when they come for me":

    See project
  • 2016- 2015

    Created and performed two pre-projects. A trio in Trondheim (20min) and a duet in Copenhagen,
    ( 15 min) Example, the beginning of "Stå på":

    See project
  • 2015- 2012

    Solos and choreographies created during school in freetime and weekends. Presented at school student showings. Examples: 

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