Improvisations: locations and consepts

Improvising on locations and findinf different concepts is something I have been doing my whole carriere. Some work can be seen “in videoprojects”. On this page I share som recent shorter research( from 2023)

For “Dansens Dag” 2024, I went and did something I had thougt of for a long time. Dancing next to paintings and get inspired by them. I have been thinking of “Aterlier Lena” work for a long time. Some creations of her is at Bobyn,Verdal for sale. I love the work and the abstract feeling and texture of them gives me inspiration for movements:

During the “Cosmetic Demons” – A pop up Salong” in Trondheim. I did a little “pre-warm up” with some crocodilles we used in the show.

An auditionvideo that I really liked.  For a prosjekt in a company.
The tasks where to work with clothes and do partytricks…
Giving it my all, I would have chosen me ūüėČ

During Residency at NORA for “Hverdagsgleder” in Skien, november 2023. There is room to stop up on “Black Friday” and dance with some lights in the darkness:

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