Norwegian dance artist

Performer ⋅ Creator⋅ Teacher⋅ Model

«Through performing, creating, and teaching I wish to inspire, facilitate curiosity, happiness, development and reflections. To everyone involved and to the audience»


Meet me

Hi! I started dancing in high school in a small town north in Trøndelag, Norway the age of 16. My dance journey continued in Norway and Sweden at different dance programs, before I then took a Bachelor in Modern Theatre Dance at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Here I got a broad and steady training within the styles of contemporary, improvisation and ballet. The training and tools gave me a good foundation to build my expression upon. Since then, I’ve continued to broaden my horizons, learning new skills and developing the ones I already have.

After couple of  years freelancing with Amsterdam as my base, I came in 2016 back to Norway fulltime. To add teaching to my knowledge, taking PPU. Since then I have been living in Norway again in different places. Dancing, creating and teaching both regionally, nationally and internationally

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