Trøstedans (Fire Away)

Creation time:  Spring 21. In depth work: spring 22 and autumn 23

Music: Trøstesang by Gjermund Larsen Trio

Length: 8 min

Performed:  Jan 24 in Trondheim, and Des 23 in Oslo by Julie Schartum Dokken. ( June 22 in Amsterdam, April 22 and august 21 in Verdal by Ann Kathrin.

Thanks to:  Åsne Håkvåg (2021) and Marie Reincheiner (2022) for artistic  feedback and Gjermund Larsen Trio for allowing me  to use the music Trøstesang. 

Pictures:  Rune Aasen, Øyvind Malum, Ingrid Sørensen

“This solo is about reaching out and trying. In many places and ways, but not being met or cared about, and the feelings and sensations that can arise when situations become too much. The solo is also about  finding the strength within. That we are stronger than we think we are, because we are”.


The creation is based on personal experiences in 2020-22, thought I think many can relate to similar situations. In this solo I captured some of the turmoil, and overwhelming situations and challenges I was in at this time. I explored emotions and mind states connected to it. Then I added some glimpses from my life, took some artistic choices and combined it all into a product.


I found interest in exploring emotions and express it though physicallity.  Trøstedans is the first time I had that focus. which I find interesting in itself. I then think some of the work I did for this solo,  helped the process of Knute(r) where I take the explorations of emotions and communicaton further,  by delivering it through different mediums: voice, own written text, song, music and movement.


23 : KGB CC Vest: Julie, 22 & 21: Ann Kathrin



The music is called Trøstesang ( Supportive song) by Gjermund Larsen Trio. A soothing and emotional strong, without any words. With that song as my backdrop, I created a Trøstedans ( supportive dance).


This is the first solo I have created on myself and performed, and then thaught it to someone else. A new way to communicate with the audience: my ideas, creation and movement language, intepretted and expressed through another dance artist.


Comes from several inspirations:

  • The dnce felt like a  suportive and useful gesture to create during a time with to much turmoil
  • The song “Fire Away”  of Chris Stapleton, it was one of the inspirations to the choreography, through improvisation and the solo originally was called “Fire Away ” before changing to “trøstedans”
  • A Norwegian translation of fire away  felt fitting to –  “fyr løs”. 
  • Last is a fire that inside slowly fades away… well we all need a supportive dance then. 


The solo is created in Verdal, by a dancer from Verdal, many of the situations in the solo happened here and the musician is from and living in the town too. 

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1 min rehearsal video - June 22 Amsterdam.

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