A Viking Focus – Connected to “Røtter”

 Sharing more around this focus and solo.

Photo and Video: Rune Aasen,

Location: Verdal, Trøndelag

My goal in the future is to share fun and interesting sides and facts about the Vikings, our Nordic anchestors, and show them thought new and artistic ways. I have so far been joining several Viking projects during my carriere that do that, see futher down, and now I make my own work thought the solo Røtter .


The Vikings might be a little misunderstood. Through various TV series lately, the Vikings have become very popular, but there are some info there that are not so historically accurate, in clothing and manners and that the Vikings are seen as warriors first and foremost. Yes, for they raided and it was cool, but they did so much more too! Because raiding was really just a summer job and seasonal work. For much of the year, the Norsemen were actually farmer, craftsmenn, and traders, with many skills and interesting sides…


That being said, I did train some with my sword for one scene in Røtter. So before you see the solo, where I share other sides as well, more focus on handicraft, let me catch your interest by swinging the sword for you. Shown though some pictures, an artistic improvisation and a training session with Vedrar1030 , the local viking group. Take a look:

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Improvisation. Film made by : Rune Aasen.

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Training session, Stiklestad.


I have so far joined three productions where the Nordic ancestors the Vikings have played a big role in the story telling. The experiences given though these productions: touring, and festivals and the people I have met, have enriched my path towards the solo Røtter ( and other ideas in the future). 

2021 & 2022: Legenden om Aretha fra Skierde

2017- 2019:  Follow the Vikings

2017: Jorvik Viking Festival

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