Stå På

Project Presentations:
2016 Trio at DansiT: pre-project presentation
2017  Solo at DansiS :pre-project presentation
2017 Duett at DansiS: open stage
2018 short version of duett: Sandnes Kulturskole Teacher Performance

Dancers: Lisa Colette Bysheim (2016), Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen (2016), Jøran Ravndal (2017-18) and Ann Kathrin Røsvik Granhus

2023 -> The Future of this creation:  I have feedback from earlier processes, as well as drafts and ideas for new scenes. Though it has taken years, this creation is still in the back of  my mind. I  I will keep my eyes open for help to finish this work though a co-productions in the comming years.

Everyone has a relationship with “Å stå på” (to make an effort):

  • “Jeg skal stå på litt til”
  • Vi må stå på nå
  • Å ha stå-på-vilje
  • Jeg er så lei av å stå på..
  • Dette får du til, stå på!

Without goals in life humans can lose direction and become quite passive, but too many goals, options and distractions can be confusing. Accomplishing our goals can be amazing and needed to give fulfillment and purpose, but if you only look forward, it is a question if you lose something on the way to. See the creation: Hverdagsgleder

Stå på is a creation about the thematic goals, motivation and accomplishment.  Something that we all are dealing with on a bigger or smaller scale in our (everyday) life, but how to navigate ? This piece is for the bigger questions.


Is imaged for 3 performers who navigate in this landscape in a competition with themselves and each other. Here you get to see their different personalities and how they deal with the tasks and situations given towards their goals.


This is my first creation after graduation, I did pre-project in 2016 and 2017 before leaving the creation due to personal happenings, pandemic and other focuses and creations. I would love to dig deeper into this work again, and finish the creation into a full evening performance. Here is some pictures and a video from the earlier processes: 


June 2016: Work-in-progress viewing at DansiT Trondheim with aftertalk. (20min)

Performers: Lisa Bysheim, Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen and Ann Kathrin Granhus.

Rehearsing: Trøndertun Folkehøyskole, Melhus.

Here we developed the beginning of several scenes, a little bit of solos and characters as well some of the relationship between the performers.

Oktober 2017: Solo at DansiS,  Rogaland (10 min)

Here I continued researching my solo in the piece. I am portraying someone who has too many options and the struggles and sensations that can come with that. In our world where you can do and be anything, what do you choose? This solo was part of a research week that DansiT hosted. I got two sessions with feedback and after the viewing I got feedback for further development..

Des 2017: Duett with Jøran Ravndal, at DaniS  Open stage. (20 min) // Jan 2018: Sandnes Kulturskole Teacher Performance (5 min version)

Here Jøran and I started developing an option for a beginning of the piece. Here you see two people seemingly floating in space. There is no direction and no time. As the duet develops, their focuses becomes more and more into a competition with each other.  A drive fueled with the wish of being “better than your neighbor”. We also after viewing, got some feedback for further development .

Interested in this project?

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