Early Video Projects

In Norway and Denmark,  2015 and 2016.


I realized soon that as a dancer it is beneficial to start learning how to edit videos. You can’t pay people every time. After some talk and cursing towards my father that I can’t do this, I calmed down and was convinced to just start, and so I also learned you can learn anything you want, if just start with baby steps.


As well as working on my dancing and performative skills, editing makes me learn about musicality, editing tools and how to make a history on video.


There are wires in my headphones that go out of my ears that I need to choreograph and improvise around. A chair is shown on screen that is used to keep my camera from wind. I have no tripod.  It is all just one take. There is also my first experiences with editing, so poor video quality, but #ripwindowsmoviemaker. A loyal companion the first years.

Part of me is embarrassed about these early explorations, but at the same time, It has its charm and therefore I think it deserves its place in my homepage. Showing a little bit that we all started somewhere.


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2015: From the hallway me and a friend was living for an internship in Copenhagen

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2015: Part 2 and 3

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2015: A bored newly educated dancer back into the Norwegian country side ..

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2016: During tour with Don Gnu. Exploring the city of Randers(Denmark) in a dance improvisation way.

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