Early Video Projects

In Norway and Denmark,  2015 and 2016.


I realized soon that as a dancer it is benefical to start learn how to edit videos. You cant pay people every time. After some talk and cursing towards my father that I cant do this, I calmed down and was convinzed to just start, and so I also learned you can learn anything you want, if just start with baby steps.


As well as having a thematic and working on my dancing and performative skills, editing makes me learn about musicality, editing tools and how to make a history on video.


There is wires in my headpones that goes out of my ears , that I need to choreograph and improvise around, A chair is shown on screen that is used to keep my camera from wind. I have no tripod.  It is all just one takes. There is also my first experiences with editing, so poor video quality, #ripwindowsmoviemaker.

Part of me are imbarassed about this early explorations, but at the same time, It has its charm and therefor I think it desveres it place in my homepage. Showing a little bit that we all started somewhere.


2015: From the hallway me and a friend was living for an internship in Copenhagen

2015: Part 2 and 3

2015: A bored newly educated dancer back into the Norwegian country side ..

2016: During tour with Don Gnu. xploring the city of Randers in a dance improvisation way.

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