Made in Værdaln

Project- leader, choreographer and dancer: Ann Kathrin Røsvik Granhus

Co producing and co-creating dancer: Julie Schartum Dokken

1) KGB dans & ballett Oslo 19th.des 23

2) DansiT – Koreografisk senter Trondheim 14th of Jan 24.

3) ? ♥

This project is made possible with the founding by: Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, DansiT

Thank you to: Kirkenær Balletskole, KGB avdeling CC Vest, Verdal Kulturskole and Huldance for rehearsal space. Also thanks to everyone helping on marketing, tech, photo and film, and the audience for wonderful words on the content!

MIV – “A series of shorter stories”



«We really enjoyed ourselves. I liked how you managed to add some humoristic elements that felt natural “ – audience at DansiT

“It was so exiting to watch. Really nice pieces you have made!”  audience at KGB

“It was a very beautiful performance that resonates a lot with things I go and think about these days”audience at DansiT



Made in Værdaln consists of four contemporary dance creations that have been started, developed and/or performed in Verdal 21-23. Affected by a special time, and with inspiration from personal events in recent years, they all deal in their own way with interpersonal relationships, communication and how to navigate forward when life presents challenges. At the same time, the creations explore different directions and expressions within contemporary dance, and how they communicate with the audience.

In this performance, audiences outside of Verdal gets some insight into my artistry, areas of interest and recent explorations the last years. MiV is a varied dance experience, with elements of theater, song, acrobatics and dance on video (full version). All creations are new/or further developed from the previous dance productions in Verdal: 19-21 i bevegelse and Veikryss


In the contact improvisation duet E du me mæ?  I explore how far can we humans get if we listen, see each other and work together? While in the dance theatre solos Knuter and Fire Away, you get to experience the more painful and vulnerable sides of people’s emotional register. Triggered by not being seen, ignored, rejected, ghosted ++. Trying to stretch in many directions, but getting little in return. The solos are looking for answers and where you stand with yourself to move forward when life gets challenging.

And if everything goes wrong, and the goals and dreams you have seem far away, you feel discouraged….we still have those small and good moments in everyday life that we can seek out and create ourselves to lift ourselves up. Shown through the duet The Joys of Everyday life (Hverdagsgleder )



1. KGB CC Vest:  Oslo 19.des 23:
Fb event:
Tech:  The Dancers – sound and some light, Ingrid Sørensen – video and photo.

Trøstedans  By Ak, performed by Julie.
Knute(r)By and with Ann Kathrin.
Hverdagsgleder By and with Ann Kathrin and  Eirin Rogdaberg Skimmeli.
E du me mæ?By and with Ann Kathrin and Julie.

2.  DansiT: Trondheim 14th of Jan 24.
The same creations as KGB, but with light design. Julie took over Eirins role in Hverdagsgleder.
FB event:
Tech: Lorents Ryan – sound and light, Rune Aasen – video and photo.
Event at DansiT:
Made in Værdaln -Granhus og Dokken (NO) DansiT
Event in English:Made in Værdaln Granhus og Dokken (NO) DansiT



As much as MIV is a choreographic development it is also that as dancers/performers. In Trøstedans the dancer move in close collaboration with the music. Hverdagsleder and Knuter vary between acting, physical theater, singing, a lot of feelings and an different kind of atmospheres  in contemporary dance. They also go through the fourth wall. E du me mæ? Researchers contact improvisation and partnering. A very varied evening to perform. If you want to develope yourself as a performer in Norway, you often gotta create that piece yourself.


This show came together for several reasons. One of them is my experiences of high competition to show shorter creations in dance platforms in other parts of the country (Trøndelag does not have one yet).  Often artists from that other area get chosen. Then we dance artists often have to create our own performance platforms as well as the creations. Like I did with my shows in Verdal.  The process from creation to a full evening can be long, and sometimes I just want to share shorter creations, but where? 


The years after the pandemic (20-23) I  had interest in developing several shorter creations.  Due to this, I have several creating and dancing interests. Exploring different directions also kept me interested in my profession. From my previous shows in Verdal and KGB Oslo, I got feedback that the audience also likes this format. Something for everyone to like in a variated evening. The feedback fueled my interest for continuing this kind of  show format.




Like the previous shows in Verdal, I wish with this show to reach a variated group of people. Especially people who have not seen much contemporary dance before and want to experience what it is and can be. Here I hope they find a creation that speak to them yet also maybe find interest in the others. I hope my show can help them come back to see another contemporary dance show. 

To reach these people, I wish this show to among things be performed in venues who has a variated artistic program and had deals with a couple of performance spaces. Due to not getting founding for further plans I still look for new opportunities economical that maks it possible to share MIV agin.


Interested in this project?

feel free to contact me.