Performed at Tindved Kulturhage, Verdal 23 and 24 th of April 2022

Dancers: Eirin Skimmeli Rogdaberg ( Verdal), Maria Risto Kippe (Levanger), Ann Kathrin Granhus ( Verdal)

Production leader: Ann Kathrin Granhus

Founded by: Sparebank stiftelsen samfunnsutbytte, Regionalt Næringsfond Verdal og Levanger, ticket sale and the cafe. A smal profit that was left after the show expenses, was shared to Eirin and Maria.  Ann Kathrins Stimuleringsmidler 2022 from FFUK was used for paying her dancing and performing in this show.

Technique: Lorents Ryan

Audience: 55, wheras 48 was not from the dance community or dance students.

Photo and film documentation: Øyvind Malum, Anniko Nydal and Rune Aasen.


“Du vil her få se ulike verk og glimt av samtidsdansen som kunst, kultur og kommunikasjonsform. Forestillingen er satt sammen av tre forskjellige kunstnerskap, og vi ønsker å ta med publikum på en variert reise gjennom ulike uttrykk og møtepunkt.  Målet er å skape en interessant og engasjerende danseopplevelse her på Innherred. Forestillingen vil passe godt for alle fra ca 10 år og oppover.”

Velkommen skal du være! – Eirin, Maria og Ann Kathrin


Veikryss happened on the 23rd and 24th of April 22 in my hometown Verdal at Tindved Kulturhage. The idea was to continue my focus from 19-21 i bevegelse to show more sides of contemporary dance to my hometown. This  time, however, I brought in more local dancers for a more varied expression, and gave them an opportunity to present their work as well.

Organization wise, I knew now from the previous show how long all the practical tasks take, and what to do in what order. I worked through the beginning of 22 with administration tasks, as well as creating and dancing. This helped a lot in spacing out tasks and reducing stress towards the performance week.

* Also take a look at “Dansebilder i Nærområdet ” – The Photoevent for my event in 2023, where I collab with a local photographer, and in this way sharing dance art to people thought another medium.


Everybody brought  1-2 solos to the table, and I was in charge of a couple of group pieces. The show also included videos made by me. Creations of mine that joined  is : Røtter , Hverdagsgleder, ( developing versions) Trøstedans ,  Lets Get though this (final version)

Play Video

Inntrykk av forestillingen Veikryss


Since Maria and Eirin live in Oslo, we had a photoshoot there in January for the flyers. Thank you, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, for letting us take some pictures in the foyer, instead of outside in the crappy weather. They turned out great!

Pictures: Trygve Olav Aasen .


Eirin, Maria and I talked a lot about the content, style, dramaturgy, and what we wanted to give to our audience in Innherred. I really think we managed to show a big variation of contemporary dance, which was the goal.

People also seemed happy with what they had seen. I, for my part, was very happy to see people come together for our show and discuss dance and culture with us in the cafe afterward.

Thank you so much Maria, Eirin and Lorents for joining this process. I appreciated A LOT working with you <3 Also thanks to Øyvind, Anniko and Rune for amazing pictures and videos from the show. They are beautiful.

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