Music: November by Gjermund Larsen Trio.

Thank you for allowing me to use your music to this creation.

Creation time: 2019-2020

Performed: Sandnes (2019), York (2019), Levanger ( 2019), Verdal (2021), Verdal (2023)

This choreography is a pure audiovisual experience. A joyful relationship between dance and music. 


  • Body isolations in high speed
  • Dynamic in relation to the violin playing.
  • Finding the spaces for movement and the spaces for music.
  • Relationship between upper and lower body
  • Move in a small space


This creation started when I was going to perform for the “Follow the Vikings Project -end dinner”. The stage was told to be small. I saw this as a challenge accepted. To create a solo I could perform  where there is not much room, I thought was smart to have on the repertoire.


I got started on the solo in Verdal christmas 2018. I then choose a traditional music track from my hometown, because I wanted to bring some of that Norwegian local vibe to York, England. Due to where the solo is cut in the music, this creations has been working well as an intro for something else: a talk that is comming, transition to next dance, opening a projector etc. In the back of my mind I wish to develope the choreography further. 


2023 – Verdal: At my and Runes dance-photoevent “Dansebilder I Nærområdet”

2021 – Verdal: As an intro before the welcome speech at my show “19-21 i bevegelse”

2019 – Levanger: at the opening of an painting exhibition.

2019 – York England: Follow the Viking End dinner,

2019 – Sandnes: Sandnes Kulturskole yearly teacher show ( before going to York)


Though different starting points, here are some more works with the same strong movement/music creation focus: When they come for me The Upside   ,  Collision Mission. andGet Ready for the Rain

Play Video

Short 40 sec clip. From the first viewing in Sandnes, January 2019.

Pictures: Screenshots from a couple of viewings.

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