Latest Video Projects

My newest dance on film projects will come here after first being announced and shown through my SoMe account: Instagram:

Videoformat gives me the opportunity to reach a wider audience and to express my creativity in multiple ways. This makes my artistic practice richer and more diverse. #sharingdanceexperiences #exploring


A character rises from the moss. Guided by heavy beats and an enchanting song, she moves intuitively to this ethereal music landscape. As a creative side project from the main feast, this dance video enhances the thematics of light and darkness, growth and decline, power and vulnerability of the track. 

Music: Christopher Bono and Cecilie Hafstad “Ra Rising Sun”
Dancer: Ann Kathrin Granhus
Camera: Arne Vidar Stoltenberg
Editing: Ann Kathrin Granhus
All rights reserved: Our Silent Canvas Productions

Background story:
Ann Kathrin joined autumn 2023 Ragnarok Film and Gabbarein on a three day adventure in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal, Norway. Dancing in a smoky forest, a windy and rainy beach, up a mountain, into a cave and dancing in a waterfall. The making of the Ra Raising Sun Music video was a trip to remember.


A needed pandemic break, and breath of fresh air. Having fun on the beach doing what we love, dancing. Exploring movement, the enviroment and elements on the beach, this become a sensoric and tactile experience I would like to share with you.

Filmed: august 2020

Front and behind camera: Jøran Ravndal and Ann Kathrin Granhus

Editing: Ann Kathrin april 2022.


If  you explore boredom, are you really bored?
Do you become ironic? and could there be anything good with this exploration too?

Our performance of the creation   When they come for me   got pandemic cancelled. I then asked the dancers if they could explore boredom for me towards a wall, from their homes.

Dancers: Marte Aspas Krog, Ingrid Langsun Tengesdal, Jøran Ravndal and Ann Kathrin Granhus


Dance on video is something I have been doing all my carriere. 
I have, as many dancers, learned as a go and figured things out on the way: Earliest Video Projects. Carefully recording my work (though with different grade of qualities sometimes…) and made creative videos. I have also edited all show/work reels you see on my webpage.

The live format is my absolutely preferred performative choice, but as technology and “SoMe ” is a big part of our lives, it become also a place to reach an audience. Dance on film has also several other good aspects, ex  you get closer to the performer than you ever will seeing them on stage. 

Some videos are not on this page. Since I have choosen to categorize them as live creation projects, that also has an edited film element to them, like: Lets get through this  and Get ready for the rain

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