Music videos, giggs and commercials

Me with creative input as a performer in music videos

Oktober 2023: 

  “Ra Rising Sun” by Gabbarein — Our Silent Canvas
Film creation by:  Ragnarok Film
Role: Co-creating performer.

April  2023:
“Dancing with the Devil”
by Prospect ( Verdal.
Role: Co-creating dancer.
Music Video By: Espen Storbakken Film

September 2022:
Music Video by Charlotte Audestad,
performing and co-creating together with actress Elise Hørgård Unsmo.
This music video fits very well to “Skeivt Kultur-år” focus that was that year.
Video creation by: Espen Storbakken Film

June 22:
Havfruer i Trondheim,
Commercial: for Trøndelag Teater ,
by:  Spætt Film
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Havfruer i Trondheim

video 2

video 3

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