Follow the Vikings

20 shows in 11 Viking locations in Europe/ Scandinavia over a two years period in:
Norway, Spain, Irland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Shetland and Polan.

Role: Dancer, Performer, Choreographer and Teacher

Follow the Vikings is a four-year transnational project funded by Creative Europe, which aims to make transnational Viking heritage accessible and understandable to a world-wide audience. The project brings together a network of partners from across the Viking world to broaden and develop the audience to Viking heritage and its sites across Europe.

*Text  from the Follow the Vikings Webpage: Follow The Vikings Project | Follow The Vikings


The FTV roadshow was part of the a bigger Follow the Vikings project. The roadshow contained actors, a battle, song, movie projections and dancers. The story of the show is following the life story of Egil Skalagrimsson, the famous Icelandic poet.

one of the trailers

I am having a small acting role and dancing a solo the role of Hugin one of Odins Ravens. As well as choreoraphing on teeenagers and youth to every place we went, and they joined the show with their own choreography. ” Prepare for battle” and going berserk!

  • Performing an own created solo (6-7min) as Odins Raven, Hugin. Wearing a really cool costume.
  • Social outreach: I went one week before the rest of the crew where we were going. Then I taught talent groups around in Scandinavia and Europe. They learned a group choreo “Prepare for battle” where they were Berserkers ( scary Nordic Fighters. Said to be using wolf and bear skin clothes). Due to the different ages, styles, and levels of the groups I met. The choreo changed accordingly to fit the dancers.  They then joined our show with their own scene.
  • A smaller Lip Sync Role as a nobel viking lady.

The end dinner of the Follow the Vikings Roadshow Project, happend in March 2019 in York. For this event I was comissioned to present a new solo. That was the beginning of the solo: Røtter

With that a viking focus has been a part of my artistic direction all my carriere. From the starting of developing the raven solo in 2016. 


  • To Craig Morrison that believed in having a contemporary dancer  and contemporary dance into this world would be a good idea.
  • To all the actors and vikings for your companionship.
  • To all the young dancers I got to train around in Scandinavia and Europe for your work spirit, joy and growth you gave me in the beginning of my teaching carriere.
  • To all the places and partners we met and memories we made.
  • To everyone for this wonderful journey I got to join.
  • Thank you Wardruna, Norwegian traditional music band, for letting me/us use your music for our aristic purposes. It fits well!– The Raven –

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