Jorvik Viking Festival

Artistic Leader of project: Craig Morrison

Role: lipsync role of Queen Gunnhild and dancing a solo

At Jorvik Viking Festival 2017

This job was through Jorvik Viking Festival – Europe’s largest viking festival  in York, England.


I was part of the epic finale show of the festival, on Saturday 25th February. This year they told the story of the Battle of Stainmore – where Eric Bloodaxe unsuccessfully made his last stand. The performance took place at Rawcliffe Country Park, where a natural arena will enable the crowds to enjoy the furious fiery finale. The event combine living history displays, with hundreds of warriors taking to the field of combat to determine the fate of the Kingdom of JORVIK.


I did a lipsync role as queen Gunnhild ( Eric Bloodaxes husband) and a dramatic dance solo after he got killed in the battle.

This was an extra gig I got before the Follow the Vikings Project started.

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