Cosmetic Demons -The Pop Up Version

Choreography, idea and consept: Sindri Runudde
Repetiteur and artistic assistance: Maia Means
Dancers: Ann-Kathrin Granhus, Veslemøy Frengstad & Ken Bruun
Collaboration with DansiT and Multiplie Dance Festival
Composer and sound design: Andreas Tilliander
Where: Rosendal Teater and Kunsthall, Trondheim
Hairdresser: Elinor Sæterøy
When 19 th and 20th of April 2024
Production by Sindri Runudde & Nordberg Movement.
Work 45 min improvised solo performance based on a score and tasks.


Welcome to the hair salon where your inner demons can take place, be shared and celebrated! In an extravagant event, the audience becomes part of a cosmetic transformation where fantasies and dreams are interspersed with direct encounters.

In Cosmetic Demons: A Choreographic Salon – The Pop Up Version

the hair salon is a place where gossip, emotions and personal processes are made visible. In front of the chairs – where the mirror usually is – you now meet one dancer, one hairdresser, and one customer playing out a choreographic idea that turns into a salon.

In this  immersive experience, the audience gets a glimpse  into the hair salon as a social space. Through dance-transformative actions, the intimacy between hairdresser and customer becomes central. Through curiosity, Sindri challenges the audience, and through visual shifts, a metaphorical room is created where one can be together.

what in April 2024:

This event is the premiere of the installation version of the stage performance. Created with three local dancers, that improvise to the music of Andreas Tilliander . Audiences can come and go during the three hours.


Picture credits: Arne Hauge/DansiT, handstand picture: Anna thu Smidt, the rest private.

Picture credits: Arne Hauge/DansiT, handstand picture: Anna thu Smidt, the rest private.

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