Impossible Actions

Location: Dansit and Rosendal Theater

Concept by: Yasen Vasielv

Performers: Amalia Wiatr Lewis, Ann Kathrin Røsvik Granhus, Céline Meillaud, Marie Rechsteiner, Nora Eek, Valentina Martínez Mariscal & Vilde Opeide

Presented and co-produced by : DansiT with in collaboration with Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, with support from Trondheim Kommune and National Culture Fund, Bulgaria

IMPOSSIBLE ACTIONS is activated by 8 local professional dancers in Trondheim after a week-long movement research practice at DansiT, based on the structure and concepts of the physical solo NUTRICULA (Shanghai, 2015).

The score goes for about an hour and proposes seven challenging physical tasks that the performers interpret and modify according to their bodies and biographies. The tasks break down habits of movement, test limits and re-invent the possibilities of the human body.

The piece has a durational open ending that the group calls “Echo” where the performers are free to abandon the concept, seek connection with each other and go back to themselves within simple parameters – stay in the space and don’t talk

Approximately one hour after the start, the lighting changes and the doors open. Please, do not applaud. You are now free to stay for the Echo or leave. You could also grab a drink, come back and change your position in the room.

The result is different every night, so we encourage you to see it on both dates.

*Text taken from the official text at Rosendal Teater webpage.

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Trailer, made by Yasen Vasilev

Official show pictures: Martin Atanasov / Radar Sofia

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