Graduation Piece MTD

With: Almudena Ballesteros Parejo, Ann Kathrin Granhus, Anni Kaila, Demian Haller, Dominik Feistmantl, Moreen Beentjes and Samuel Feldhandler

Location: Amsterdam University of the Arts

My Role: Co-Creating Dancer

Choreographer: Jos Baker

Shows: 5

What do you do? — Jos Baker // Trodden Dreams

What do you do door MTD4, Jos Baker – Theaterkrant


This was our graduation piece. A dance theater piece by Jos Baker (dancer at Peeping Tom).  Only half of the class participated in this whole evening show due to other internships. In this process  we gave a lot of ideas to the choreographer, which I really enjoyed after being away from school for half a year. I also was proud of my classmates. Seeing they had developed after a year away from school. Here we created several solos and duets ourselves.

The show was then a part of ITs festival. Our last show was on the day of our graduation day where all classmates came for the ceremony.


June 2022  I went to the MTD Legacy Festival . For the end of my education. An epoke of educationg dancers for 33 years was closing.  Here I met many classmates agian.

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